Storage and Installation

Storage and Installation

Storage and Installation

Storage Services

Our company prides itself on ensuring that all items are received in proper condition.  We take careful and ongoing inventory of items and provide a careful inspection of all goods. Depending on the duration of your needs for storage time, we can make the proper arrangements to have your items moved on time whenever and wherever they are needed.

If you are in need of long-term warehousing or short-term storage, Banner Packing has you covered.

Banner Packing offers storage of all your valuables, whatever size, shape or weight they may be till you are ready to move it or have it installed. All your items under our care remain secure and are fully insured. Banner Packing and Crating are foremost experts in the Greater Los Angeles area in performing large-scale moves and transportation of goods, equipment, and furniture.

The Installation Process

We specialize in the installation of fine pieces of furniture, artwork, rugs, mirrors and accessorial items. Banner Packing and Crating has expertise in the transport, storage, and careful placement of such items.

Interior designers often choose Banner because of the reliability, meticulous inventory handling and readiness of the storage and delivery of their goods.

Once you are ready our team of finely trained handlers will move your valuables to your location and provide the installation of each item based on your requirements.

All this expertise in storage and installation has, over the years, made Banner Packing and Crating ideal for both homeowners as well as small to large businesses. We continue to regularly provide these services to a wide array of clients that include designers, art galleries, individual artists, auction houses and high-end hotel guests.

Banner Packing will complete the installation process based on your and/or your designer’s exact vision. We at Banner understand the importance of this and what it means to a client. If you are an artist looking for safe transport of your signature pieces or installations, we can have it packed, delivered, and properly displayed anywhere you choose to exhibit. This principle of safe transport and installation applies to every item no matter what.

Our storage and installation clients come from all walks of life located either in the U.S. or internationally, whether they are moving into a new home or having their designer yacht furnished. We do it all!

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